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Everyone knows that after death in the human body begin irreversible processes leading to the destruction of the body shell. By after a certain period, it turns to dust. Exist body preservation techniques (embalming), in the implementation which are removed internal organs, tissues are saturated preservatives. Under certain conditions, the body dries. (mummified). That the body of the deceased remained unchanged is impossible. But this is exactly what happens with the body of Dasha Dorzho Itigelov – the former head of the Buddhists of Buryatia (1911-1917) for the past 87 years! Краткая официальная справка Photo from open sources

According to the official biography, Itigelov was born in 1852, was Orphaned and from childhood preparing to become a lama. He became famous for his scholarship, educational and healing activities earned respect and honor. In 1911, he was elected Pandito Khambo Lama XII, i.e. the head of all Buryat Buddhists. In World War I organized fundraising for the army, and the families of the wounded and fallen, for which he was awarded Mongolian Order of the Precious Wand and the Russian Order of St. Anna II degree. During his lifetime, he became a living god for the Buryats. In 1917 year resigned, in 1927 he died. And now about what remains outside of the official reference. Mysterious Itigelov Riddles begin from birth. In addition to the official there are three more birthdays of Itigelov, and all of them confirmed by archival documents. It is unknown who was him mother, that among the Buryats, keeping the memory of ancestors up to 30 knees, just unthinkable. According to Buryat legends, he was born immediately 5 year old. Alleged to have paranormal ability instantly travel up to 1 km. According to the official to the police report in May 1917 to disperse the soldiers, staged a booze in the Tamchinsky datsan, in front of numerous witnesses galloped on horseback on the water surface of White Lake (modern sulfate) as a paved road. They said that three hundred Yangazhin Cossacks, who received from him a blessing before sent to the front of the First World War, returned home, did not die one. Unusual was his death of the Hambo Lama. June 15, 1927 Itigelov gathered the students and, sitting in the lotus position, began to read special prayer “Huga Namsha” addressed to the deceased. pupils picked her up. The teacher’s voice became quieter and quieter, and then completely shut up. So, while meditating, Dashi-Dorjo Itigelov died, or, as say the Buddhists, went to nirvana. The last instruction given to them disciples, was to examine his body after thirty years. He is buried was in bohkhan (cedar cube) in the lotus position, in which he was in moment of “departure”. Photo from open sources

Autopsy of the boomhan In 1955, two years earlier a certain period (there were reasons for that), according to the will of the departed and by decision of the Buddhist clergy, bumkhan was opened. Body Itigelova neither decayed, nor decomposed, nor mummified. The llamas were not at all surprised at this, changed their clothes, bohkhan, and buried Itigelov again. In 1973, a ritual hidden from the authorities was performed again. The third and last time the sarcophagus was opened in 2002. The initiator was Bimba Lama, who set a goal of his life, the return of the teacher’s body to his followers. He found 88-year-old Amgalan Dabaev, indicating the exact place of burial. The acting Pandito Khambo Lama Damba Ayusheev agreed to organization of excavations. On September 10, 2002, boomhan was removed from 1.5 meters deep and opened for the third time. Kind of body not at all changed over 75 years, struck everyone. Present 92-year-old Bimba Tsybikov, who saw Itigelov alive, said: “Yes, this is it.” Rather alive than dead Lama’s body was by all indications alive, no sign of rigor. Hand skin remained elastic, no signs of decay. The ears, nose, eyebrows, eyelashes, hair, and teeth. Eyeballs did not leak. Elbow joints and fingers remained mobile. The smell of decaying body was absent. Soft tissue pressed through like a living person. Medical experts unanimously confirm that no no preservatives have been used to preserve the body, the brain, and internal organs were not removed. Фото изopen sources

Hair, skin, and nail sections were taken and transferred for research. The results were amazing: infrared spectroscopy showed that their organics are no different from organics of a living person. Nuclear resonance study of the cell nucleus, conducted by military doctors, showed: the nucleus is intact, the cells are alive. Он живой Фото изopen sources

Itigelov’s body was transferred to Ivolginsky datsan in a specially built temple-palace and placed in a glass sarcophagus. No additional measures to preserve the body (type: maintenance certain temperature, humidity, etc.) is not undertaken. But months, years pass, and the body of Dasha-Dorzho Itigelov remains also imperishable, which contradicts all natural laws. Body weight makes 41 kg, and periodically fluctuates in plus or minus 1 kg. Seven once a year, Buddhists from all over the world line up in huge lines, to bow to the body of the Hambo Lama. Many claim to feel heat from his body. It is believed that twice Lama opened his eyes. A unique phenomenon haunts scientists and they would love to get to the bottom of the truth, but since 2005 all the work of studying the body Itigelov prohibited. As believers themselves say, “Itigelov is not object for experiments. And we don’t need these studies: we already know that the teacher is alive. ”

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