In 5 minutes – 15 amazing magic tricks from almighty illusionist

In 5 minutes - 15 amazing tricks from the almighty illusionistA photo from open sources

If a professional magician is capable of this – show for 5 minutes a lot of amazing illusions that do not fit into the heads of the audience (how is this possible?), then what about the world, surrounding us, where there are many more such mysterious phenomena.

But on the other hand, when you look at the tricks of Hans Klock, in during which he, as if by magic, pulls out girls from empty boxes, changes their clothes in literally one motion per second, it either disappears or reappears involuntarily you start to think about whether everything is being manipulated by our consciousness other “magicians”, for example, politicians, scientists, not to mention religious figures?

And if in the case of Hans Klok everything is clear – these are tricks, sleight of hand and ingenuity of the mind, due to which it is built similar illusory bacchanalia, then in real life distinguish focus from reality is very difficult. Indeed, in this case no one will says this is a trick, rather the opposite. Especially review several times and try to catch how we are fooled, completely impossible.

However, look at the tricks of Hans Klok and try to find flaws in his deceit. And if you understand that you can’t do anything even after the tenth or twentieth viewing, it once again proves to you how easy it is to manipulate human consciousness …

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