In Africa, scared of the penis thief

A photo from open sources

Men in Central Africa afraid to shake hands with strangers for fear of losing a penis. According to The Daily Telegraph, police in three Central African countries are looking for a mysterious a man who makes the genitals disappear by touch their victims. Residents of the village of Tiringoulou said they saw how a stranger who arrived in a truck from Sudan deprived a member two men, only shaking their hands. One of them is a tea seller. “Is he paid for tea in the store. And then he held out his hand to the seller to shake her. When he took the buyer’s hand, then his beginning trusts, as if electric shock. And his penis after that became less than a child. The seller started screaming and around him a large crowd gathered, “said one of the peasants. Another a man complained that he was left without a penis during a fight, after of how a stranger grabbed his hand. Total male kidnapper genitalia has made itself known in Nigeria, Laos, Sudan and Cameroon. Men in these countries said that their penises disappeared during similar circumstances.


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