In America, a 12-year-old girl stopped uncontrollable bus.

A photo from open sources

In the American town of Lake Elmo (Minnesota) 12-year-old the girl saved classmates. In the town of Lake – Elmo (state Minnesota) with a school bus driver who was driving seventh graders of a local school skiing happened stroke. As a result, the multi-ton machine lost control and I went outside the highway. Among a dozen children who started only 12-year-old Rena kept screaming and crying Craftson. The girl sitting at the end of the bus rushed at all costs to the driver’s seat, pressed the brake pedal and stopped uncontrolled car. “Rana was the first to notice that our driver became ill and he lost consciousness. She saved us all, I thought we’ll crash into a tree, “a courageous friend told reporters girls Emma Anderson. School board is already thinking how to reward brave Ren, and the seventh graders themselves intend in the near future visit the school bus driver in the hospital and congratulate him on Merry Christmas.


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