In Antarctica, a huge wormwood

In Antarctica, a huge wormwood has formed againPhoto from open sources

In the Antarctic Sea, Weddell again discovered giant sized wormwood, but this time she appeared in a completely unexpected location.

For the first time, wormwood, the size of which is larger than the Moscow region, researchers discovered 40 years ago, then she hid from views of scientists, and in 2017 again made itself felt.

Wormwood is an ice-free stretch of water that, by virtue of certain reasons does not freeze. It usually occurs in winter period in the coastal areas of Antarctica.

A photo from open sources

However, this winter, researchers again noticed the appearance of wormwood, but this time it turned out to be hundreds of kilometers from Antarctic shores. Scientists can not understand what it is connected.

How does wormwood appear

Scientists cannot say the exact reason for the appearance of wormwood, however, they already know the very mechanism of its formation. The fact is that The southern ocean has an unusual layered structure when under one a layer of cold fresh water is another layer of warm salty, which periodically rises to the surface and melts ice.

Some researchers believe that everything is to blame for the global warming that influenced underwater currents and distribution temperatures. Scientists are preparing to simulate this process and try to find out the true reasons for the formation of wormwood.

Andrey Vetrov

Antarctica Water

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