In Antarctica, found a mysterious “tower”

In Antarctica, found a mysteriousPhotos from open sources of

With the Google Earth app, virtual archaeologists are already made a lot of amazing discoveries, many of which recognized even official science. However, there are many that seem to scientists, at least controversial, if not far-fetched.

It’s to the latter that the tower can be attributed with some probability, discovered by ufologists in Antarctica. Rather, it will even write like this: independent researchers, these tireless virtual diggers, in one of the pictures of Google Earth saw a strange shadow, which cannot be discarded by a natural object (according to at least, so the authors of this discovery believe).

According to all the characteristics of the shadow, a tower casts it. A since the shadow of the tower is just over 100 meters in length, it was not difficult to calculate the height of it itself – about 90 meters. TO Unfortunately for researchers of such finds and discoveries, there are not it turned out nothing that could confirm their hypothesis, that is, if there once was a man-made structure, then from it it’s just this tower eminence that remains – and nothing more, except shapeless boulders around.

A photo from open sources

It seems that there are not many leads, but online archaeologists and ufologists already built their theories about how this tower appeared here, and who could build it. As always, there are basically two options – or these are the ruins of the former highly developed civilization of the Earth, or the remains alien base.

However, there is one more no less, if not more interesting hypothesis: Antarctica is a portal to other dimensions, and if so, then anything can be here. This is confirmed by the story that climatologists working on this ice mainland, once encountered a strange fog, because it was dark gray and spinning, reminiscent of something like a polar storm. But in this time in Antarctica everything was calm, even the wind wasn’t much was observed.

Here is what an eyewitness tells a certain Marianna MacLane:

Something incredible was happening in the sky, it was even fantastically beautiful and a little scary, but the main thing is not clear for us scientists what it is. We have never seen Antarctica nothing like this.

Naturally, scientists decided to explore the unique natural phenomenon and sent to a foggy twist a meteorological probe with many different devices for removing as much as possible numbers of indicators – this is how one can add more or less an objective picture of what is happening. When the probe was returned the researchers were shocked by the chronometer – he demonstrated 1965. Meteorologists did not believe their eyes and because a few more times the probe was launched into this strange twist in the sky. And each time the probe returned with a constant indicator time – 1965. And in the courtyard was the 21st century …

A photo from open sources

All these data were immediately classified by the military, and therefore from them there were only tiny information-memories of some of the most independent eyewitnesses. But apparently, none of the scientists still knows what it was, although, as they say, and a goat it’s clear that that foggy whirlwind turned out to be a wormhole in the past, with a very specific past.

And if so, conspiracy theorists build their theory, then in Antarctica can be anything. That’s why this mainland almost tightly closed to independent researchers. Good even though today there are such virtual servers as Google Earth that allow you to find in this mysterious place amazing things indirectly confirming that Antarctica can be both the base of aliens and the place of ancient civilization hidden under the ice, and a portal to other worlds … Or maybe that’s all Does the above just coexist? A kind of Pandora’s box, which the best thing for humanity is not to open …

Antarctica Time Portals

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