In Antarctica, found the entrance to the “underground base”

Enthusiasts who looked at satellite images of Antarctica
recently made another unusual discovery, because the ice
the mainland has recently been throwing surprise after surprise.

According to amateur researchers, in the east of Antarctica, in
one of the points where there is no ice, bird’s-eye view
A mysterious object appeared on the ground, suspiciously
resembling a hatch with a flat rectangular window. Window width
is 16 meters, height – 9 meters.

Geographical coordinates of the amazing anomaly: 66 ° 16’11.9 “S
100 ° 46’28.3 “E

The authors of the finding are convinced that we have before us the entrance to a huge
an underground base located, apparently, under a layer of ice and
the rocks of this mysterious, almost unexplored continent. Who’s her
built there – the secret behind seven seals. This, they say, could be
Russians, and Americans, and German fascists, and even representatives
extraterrestrial civilization. In any case, on the paradolic illusion
it doesn’t seem like …

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