In Argentina, found an amazing floating Isle

In Argentina, found an amazing floating islandPhoto from open sources

In the south of Argentina they found a perfectly round lake in which it floats A slightly smaller round island. Diameter surprising natural education exceeds one kilometer. Aerial view flight, the reservoir, presumably, always looks like a month, because the floating island, although moving, is invariably in contact with shore, preventing the ring channel from forming around itself.

The mysterious anomaly is located on an impassable terrain. This is probably why the lake remained all this time. unknown person. Only recently a cargo pilot noticed him helicopter. The pilot reported the find to local reporters, however the news for some reason did not thunder with a sensation either in Argentina or in all over the world, and not interested in eminent scientists.

Nevertheless, there were much less well-known, but much more initiative experts who wanted to explore the mysterious body of water with a floating island along and across.

The popular Kickstarter donation site a project organized by the Argentines appeared. Specialists are planning get fifty thousand dollars from philanthropists to explore the lake and determine when and where it came from, thanks to which it moves its island, and why such a not-so-natural structure is not collapses. Based on their research, scientists intend to create a documentary that will colorfully and intelligibly tell viewer about all the secrets of an inexplicable education.

Little is known about the reservoir with the island. Argentines only determined that the water in it has a very low temperature, which very unusual for this region. Maybe below (deep in the lake) there is something? The island, while reportedly, consists of quite hard rock, which again is not possible at the moment to explain.

Some researchers believe that this is man-made education. Some of them even suggest that this anomaly was created by representatives of extraterrestrial civilization.

The islands

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