In Argentina, northern winter: snowdrifts to half a meter and minus 25

In Argentina, northern winter: snowdrifts to half a meter and minus 25A photo from open sources

Weather anomalies of recent years are simply surprising, not to say more – even frightening, moreover, as residents of the northern regions of the Earth, where suddenly a fantastic heat sets in, as well as the southern ones, which literally freeze and for the first time see snow that has fallen even in the Sahara (title photo).

Residents of Argentina are currently experiencing something similar: instead of the usual camphor weather for this time, in some cities of the country, for example, in San Carlos de Bariloche established true northern winter. Citizens for the first time faced the fact that the thermometer readings dropped to minus 25 degrees Celsius, and there is so much snow (up to 50 centimeters) that it’s just right to ride sledding and sculpting snow women, which here haven’t the slightest representations. The most that Argentines can do is wonder. and seriously upset because abnormal weather disrupted the job local airport and left without light more than 25 thousand people. A here children are happy to frolic in this unprecedented village “cold fluff” …

As the reason for such a sharp cooling (this is absolute temperature record for Argentina) meteorologists call coming in this area is “storm of the century.” All this, of course, is not enough to understand. simple person. Where did this “storm of the century” come from and why it’s never been in these parts before, and it even shouldn’t seem to be – that’s what worries the people of the argentinian city today San Carlos de Bariloche.

By the way, a few days ago, residents observed something similar. northern Spain, which fell upon the apocalyptic (so it called local journalists) hail – pieces of ice fell from the sky (see video below) the size of a baseball who killed animals that didn’t hide (sheep suffered), distorted the roofs of houses, crashed cars and caused other misfortunes to the Spaniards. And the streets the cities of Almazan from this city literally turned white in an hour, because there is so much heavenly ice that if you count it on the water (scientists figured), it turned out three buckets per square meter.

If we talk about the climatic anomalies of our time, then it’s worth recall that even the famous meteorologist meteorologist of the american state Connecticut Chuckles Eighth (which of us has not seen the movie “Groundhog Day”) in February of this year I didn’t guess what the upcoming spring would be, promising her warm. But in reality it turned out quite the opposite – suddenly on the state fell unprecedented until that time snowfalls, why local authorities even decided to put the guilty groundhog in jail for six weeks. They saved the unfortunate and, by the way, innocent State residents who collected and paid a bail for a groundhog in the amount of 10 thousand dollars.


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