In Arizona, orange lights are captured over ground

In Arizona, orange lights are captured above the ground.Photo from open sources

American hiker recently mountains, photographed something strange during his walk. A resident of Sedona in Arizona tells what he saw on against the rocks two large bright lights glowing with orange light.

Struck by what he saw, an eyewitness took out his mobile phone and I shot unidentified flying objects in the photo, after which they simply evaporated in the air. Now the man really regrets not I guessed to capture the mysterious UFOs in the video, but in the moment of observation of anomalies, he was so confused that with difficulty I thought of taking pictures of them and, thank God, managed to do it.

Well-known ufologist Scott Waring, interested in this material, said that in the mountains there is probably an entrance to underground base of representatives of extraterrestrial civilization, where it stands a great many “flying saucers”. Taiwanese explorer also suggests that there could be a huge an aircraft that was virtually invisible. Only his lights they were accessible to the human eye and camera lens.

However, Waring also does not deny that we can talk about ball lightning bolts. This phenomenon is incredibly rare, and therefore the occurrence two ball lightnings at once, and so large sizes, you can considered no less a miracle than the appearance of a pair of spaceships aliens.

Scott Waring

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