In Australia, predatory sea bugs appeared – swimming became dangerous

Predatory sea bugs appeared in Australia - swimming became dangerousA photo from open sources

Sam Kanizai, a sixteen-year-old resident of Melbourne, the other day swam in the sea on Brighton beach. He jumped out of the water like scalded, because in the sea they literally began to eat some small creatures. The legs of the young man were all in blood, which is why he was immediately taken away ambulance to the hospital.

However, doctors could not identify why Sam’s feet Kanizaya appeared strange wounds in the form of numerous small holes and which of the marine predators could do this. Then for the investigation of this strange incident took the father of a young man Jerrod Kenisei. He prepared a fishing net, a piece of fresh meat, and at night went to the beach where his son suffered. Thanks to this man managed to catch hundreds of carnivorous bugs that literally gnawed at a piece of flesh, sucking blood from it. Bugs outwardly like ticks, only their behavior was too much aggressive, and the number was simply amazing.

A man passed strange marine predators to research to scientists, however, they were at a loss, as never anything did not see this. For example, marine animal expert Michael Brown suggested that these creepy organisms may well be larvae of poisonous jellyfish, although he is over his twenty-year-old research practice has never met such predatory larvae.

A photo from open sources

The mysterious attack of carnivorous beetles on a young man is difficult to explain and for another reason: no one was injured on this beach except him that day and the following. Kanizai himself suggested that the fault there could be fresh abrasions on his legs, because he played soccer in front of the beach. However, here are some mysteries, since according to statistics, out of ten swimmers at sea, one is sure to has abrasions, that is, open wounds, but predatory creatures for some reason only Sam was chosen and no one was touched.

To date, the case of an attack on a mysterious person beetles remains the only one, and not only on the beach in Brighton, but throughout Australia. And although this continent, as they say, is not a gift in terms of all kinds of predatory creatures, this is not here before happened. Maybe it’s some mutants, some suggested Internet users? However, why with such a strict selectivity of the victim, as if someone had let them go specifically on Sam? Well, wait and see, after all, predatory bugs must prove themselves again and again. Otherwise – some kind of mysticism …


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