In Belarus, faced with the phenomenon of moving stones

In Belarus, faced with the phenomenon of moving stonesA photo from open sources

Many people know the phenomenon of moving stones at the bottom of a dried lake Raistrake Playa in the American Death Valley. Large blocks spontaneously crawl on clay soil, leaving impressive footprints. This phenomenon has become widely known even more. centuries ago. However, there is evidence that this anomaly was noticed and earlier down to the Native Americans, and then the natives believed that these are some kind of “game” of supernatural forces.

This movement is extremely slow, while the lake is huge, there are an incredible amount of stones, and each of they are far from always moving, therefore, to fix their “tread” by the eye is simply impossible. Many scholars suggest that everything the blame is the wind, as well as water, which freezes on blocks over at night and melts with the onset of day. However, prove it experimentally failed to one of them.

A photo from open sources

Few people know that a similar phenomenon can be found in Belarus, namely in the Orsha district of the Vitebsk region. For example, on the left bank of the Adrov River near the village of Zaitsevo lies large stone, constantly moving on its own. Over the block a long trail extends, and in front of it there is a roll of crumpled soil. This and several other moving stones have been discovered. here in May 2016. The length of each block is an average of 40 centimeters.

A photo from open sources

Surprisingly, no one has noticed this anomaly before. Perhaps Belarusians who accidentally stumbled upon these amazing stones, did not attach any importance to the traces they left on soil. Say, children play or land surveyors tossing stones … However one of the locals suspected something and began monitoring boulders. He soon determined that they were moving on the ground without anyone’s help. Last summer on the banks of the Adrov was discovered some more moving stones. State the exact reason for their no one is able to move yet. But the stones are clearly “living”, and this gives rise to various theories that researchers now care about of all stripes, and even local residents …

A photo from open sources


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