In Brazil, a chicken laid an egg with numbers and characters

In Brazil, a chicken laid an egg with numbers and symbols.Photo from open sources

Resident of Quixadá Municipality in Brazil, Farmer Raimundo Aluceno became the hero of the local press after the chicken in his compound laid an amazing egg – with mysterious symbols and numbers on the shell.

Of course, this shocked the villager so much that all neighbors soon found out what happened, and there the journalists reached out to the farm in order to see the amazing chicken and its creation.

The farmer himself admits that he has seen many miracles for his life, but they all fit into real deviations, quirks nature. And here – mysticism, and nothing more!

The main thing is not clear what these symbols and numbers mean. Is it really just a random glitch in the colors of the eggshell? Let’s say that on the Internet, where pictures and videos about the Brazilian miracle hit soon became viral here, few people believe in chance such natural deviations. Opinions, of course, are divided, but you can name the two most frequently repeated assumptions. One of them, aliens or residents of parallel worlds are to blame for this, who send us such letters. The second assumption put forward believers, and they say that on the mysterious egg is marked date of the Apocalypse. And this news is not from anyone, but from Of God.

There are purely skeptical views. Here you are, for example, to whom you are relate: to believers in aliens and God or to sober-minded skeptics? ..

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