In California, the mystery of the “buzzing water”

In California, they solved the mysteryPhoto from open sources

In the eighties of the last century, residents of houseboats on California state coast has repeatedly claimed what they heard at night from the water a strange low hum, a few similar to the sound of a siren, showing ships the path in the fog. However the fact is that there were never any foggy signals here. Where did the mysterious hum come from?

The inhabitants put forward various theories regarding the source of these sounds: from faulty sewer pipes to presence in water unidentified floating objects. Waking out of the water in the dark days the buzz instilled in the locals a real mystical fear. Some families even sold their houseboats and moved out of here. AND now, after three decades, this mystery was finally allowed.

American scientists, again hearing reports of “humming water,” decided to tackle this issue with the utmost seriousness and, armed with modern equipment, went to California coast. Waiting for the night, the experts really heard from water rumble. Experts spent several hours looking for its source. hours and eventually found that the mysterious sounds emit … ordinary fish.

A photo from open sources

More precisely, they are still not quite ordinary. Males pacific midshipman fish from the batrach family are known for mating beeps at night to attract females. This unique trumpet hum is achieved thanks to specific vibration of the muscles of the swim bladder. Males while singing call each other, and if several of them live nearby, then they create a kind of many-voiced choir. It can be heard much better than voice of singles. You can hear this amazing fish singing, if you include the entry below.

Special hormones allow midshipman fish to wake up nightly at the same time as on an alarm clock. If the males it accumulates in one place a lot, their singing can be heard on many hundreds of meters from the coast. Thus, even scientists could not to predict that fish are buzzing in the water near the California coast, not alien vehicles. By the way, the latter are usually move both in water and in air, basically silently …

Water Fish Time

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