In Cheboksary, lightning is mysteriously set fire to the pensioner’s apartment

In Cheboksary, lightning mysteriously set fire to a pensioner's apartmentA photo from open sources

A rather mysterious event occurred on Tuesday, July 3, in Cheboksary. In the capital of Chuvashia, a thunderstorm began that day, and approximately at 10 pm one of the lightnings suddenly struck a residential building, located on Bazarnaya street. The most powerful charge of electricity landed right in the apartment, causing a fire.

It is reported that in the ill-fated apartments lives a pensioner, who, fortunately, managed to run outside. Turning on the entry below, you can see the blazing window an elderly woman is the only one in the house. Such a strange selectivity the elements caused many to scratch their heads in bewilderment.

And in fact: why lightning suddenly struck the apartment on the 4th floor of an 8-storey building? Shouldn’t she have hit the most a tall object, i.e. a lightning rod on a building? Some World Wide Web users suggest that it was not at all ordinary lightning, and ball. Ball lightnings that are still weak studied (almost still not understood) by official science, can behave just like living things and fly anywhere. That is why this phenomenon is considered so mysterious and, most importantly, dangerous.

Some mystics even hypothesize that ball lightning these are sentient beings made up of pure energy. That’s just why did one of them suddenly decide to burn the pensioner’s apartment? ..

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