In China, a complex of 19 underground caves

A complex of 19 underground caves discovered in ChinaPhoto from open sources

It may seem that all corners of the earth have long been explored, but this is not so. Researchers are increasingly stumbling into such places, where the foot of man has not yet gone. Usually in such places there are animals or plants unknown to science that Unknown reasons exist only here.

A photo from open sources

Archaeologists from China discovered in the province of Guangxi amazing complex consisting of 19 large caves. About it The People’s Daily Online publication reported.

A photo from open sources

Chinese scientists at a loss: the volume of each of the caves is more million cubic meters. Interestingly, in these caves there are well-preserved stalactites and cover from ancient plants.

A photo from open sources

Earlier, local Chinese media reported that there were 11 petrified dinosaur eggs were discovered, which, according to experts relate to the late Cretaceous period.

ESOREITER previously spoke of a Vietnamese cave called Shondong, which was not easy: an underground river flows in it, there are green jungles and clouds form.

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China Cave Plants

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