In China, again saw the silhouette of a ghost cities

In China, again saw the silhouette of a ghostly cityPhoto from open sources

May 6, at about 3 pm, over the sea near the Chinese Qingdao City (Shandong Province) a mysterious image arose to a cluster of tall houses. The Phantom Megalopolis was visible eyewitnesses about 2 hours, then disappeared without a trace in the air. Hundreds of witnesses to such an unusual and even frightening picture locals. Naturally, many of them captured The alleged mirage in the photo and video.

Similar “ephemeral cities” are noticed in China relatively often. According to experts, the local smog, particles of which bend the sun’s rays. Under certain conditions, distorted light can, they say, carry over several distances kilometers of the outline of various large objects up to whole housing estates. In the PRC, where the environmental situation today is very sad, this can happen quite often.

But this, however, is only one of the theories. Someone thinks that the portal to the parallel world or clash of two realities. According to other web users, it’s about an invisible futuristic city that accidentally dropped camouflage. Finally, there are people who claim that before us is chronomrage – a mysterious phenomenon of the supernatural nature, allowing you to observe images and events from the past or of the future.

By the way, such “heavenly cities” people see in many other parts of the globe where, by the way, there is no smog and other “realistic premises” for such “mirages”. For instance, residents of Daduli village in Nigeria three years ago observed a huge a city floating in the sky, and it was so realistic that in it was possible to consider various details, say, houses, trees, cars, and even hear the usual city noise. Another thing is that ghostly proud in the sky over China appear with frightening periodicity, as if in this place the contact of our reality with parallel worlds is the most subtle. Or that nevertheless chrono-mirages, which, as you know, are clearly tied to a certain area? ..

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