In China, another one appeared over Hongze Lake ghost town

In China, another ghost town appeared above Hongze LakeA photo from open sources

Three days ago this afternoon in a Chinese province Jiangsu over the waters of one of the country’s largest freshwater lakes (the fourth largest in China), another ghost town arose. In that since it was watched by thousands of people who filmed this truly a wonderful phenomenon on cameras and camcorders.

It is not by chance that we used the phrase “one more”: the point is the fact that in China, since 2015, such ghostly people often see cities that scientists call mirages, and all other inhabitants China, including independent researchers, is building all sorts of theories and conjectures about what it might be.

A photo from open sources

Firstly, such cities do not look like ordinary mirages, they are too detailed, most often either by elements of the future, or past, or even some kind of fantastic facilities. While ordinary mirages are mirrored reflection in the atmosphere of what is already on earth in reality, and not at too great a distance. And here … nearby (and even in remoteness) there is nothing like it in the Middle Kingdom.

It’s not surprising that many people speak of parallel worlds that supposedly breaking through into our reality. Others from conspiracy theorists believe that this is just testing US ultra-modern science project “Blue Ray”, thanks which Americans can use holographic visualization practically anything, let’s say portray an attack by ships aliens, thereby sowing a terrible panic among the population. AND today’s ghost towns, supporters of the global conspiracy believe – This is just a test of the Blue Ray.

There is nothing surprising, they say, and that such testing is conducted in China: there are a lot of people in it, the country is unfriendly to the United States, and therefore Americans with any modern weapon will be tested here without pleasure any risk to yourself, not being afraid that they could be caught in this global community. Holographic illusions, like climate disasters are the best way to unproven invasion of another country for the purpose of enslavement or collapse.

However, so far no one has canceled the chronomrage. And they like known, manifest from ancient times and, moreover, throughout to the world. Therefore, it is entirely possible that what is happening is to blame. today in the Middle Kingdom – after all, parallel worlds and some breakthroughs between them, why similar miracles began to happen more often and more often. But why is China chosen for this? ..

China Parallel Worlds USA

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