In China, caught a bird fish

According to the portal The Mirror, the next thing happened in China
extraordinary event, information (and video) about which with rapidity
lightning scattered across the social networks of China, and then “fluttered” on
expanses of the World Wide Web.

However, the word “fluttered” in this case is almost symbolic,
as far as talking about how a chinese fisherman from guian city
caught, and then filmed, an amazing bird-fish – sea
mutant, which has the body of the grass carp (freshwater pretty
large fish of the carp family), but his head looks more like
on pigeon.

In fact, fantastic fish with a bird’s head swam away –
returned back to his river, because the man thought that such
a rare mutant has the right to live, that is, he took pity on this
unhappy fish.

However, many Internet users are not really for some reason
believed in the kindness of a Chinese fisherman, because this strange fish
caused them some disgust. That’s what he wrote about this
one of the commentators who read the note and looked

I would also let this mutant go, although I consider myself experienced
a fisherman who doesn’t bother with fishing
sentimental impulses. Just eat such a monstrous sweat
It would be unpleasant for me to fish, as I think to many others, as well as
this chinese.

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