In China, discovered an amazing fire-breathing hole

China discovered an amazing fire-breathing holePhoto from open sources Near the small town of Urumqi on the northwest of the People’s Republic of China discovered a mysterious a hole in the ground, inside of which a flame burns. God-fearing locals are very afraid of such a find. According to them, in addition to the fire breaking out from under the earth, the hole also terrifies with an ominous hum, coming from somewhere below.

Specialists tried to get closer to the hole to to investigate it, but the unbearable heat did not allow them to do this: the air temperature near the hole reaches eight hundred degrees Celsius. Experts note: this region is not seismically active is, and this gives rise to the assumption that the amazing natural anomaly caused by human actions. According to scientists, the reason may lie in the fact that half a century ago it was made here artisanal coal mining. It is possible that the mineral caught fire in the abandoned mines below, forming such small fire crater.

There is another version: a hole can be real gates to hell. At least that’s exactly what many Urumqi inhabitants think. On the over the years, the townspeople have seen an increase here temperatures and smoke emissions, therefore, tried to get around this place tenth dear. At the same time, a frightening rumble heard from under the ground, further strengthened the belief of the locals that the hole has supernatural origin.

Chinese experts are still indifferent to such assumptions. They are more concerned about the high probability of occurrence. new fires, as a result of which surface new holes breathing fire appear. Authorities plan to accept everything necessary measures in order to quickly eliminate the existing underground fire and prevent the emergence of new ones.

Although everything is possible: man has studied the underground space far not as good as he would like, and no one knows what it is can hide in itself.


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