In China, found a mysterious temperature anomaly

In China, found a mysterious temperature anomalyPhoto from open sources

In 2011, residents of Pinquan China County in Hebei Province found a very unusual place in the local mountains. It was summer, and already For several weeks there was intense heat. Few Chinese went to rest in nature, climbed to a height of about nine hundred meters and suddenly noticed that the ground under their feet It became literally ice, as if it was a harsh winter.

This mysterious discovery soon attracted the attention of employees. Chinese Academy of Sciences. Geologists who started explore the earth. Specialists have been doing this for five years and finally provided the world with the results of their work. According to scientists, cold soil formed here due to the permafrost area that hides under the top layer land. The results of this study were published recently in scientific journal “Scientific Reports”.

A photo from open sources

As it turned out, the anomalous territory with cold soil located six hundred kilometers from the southernmost Eurasian boundary of permafrost. A similar phenomenon, by the way, can be seen in the mountains of Tibet at an altitude of four kilometers seven hundred meters. There, the temperature of the earth is very low all year round and does not exceeds zero degrees Celsius even in the hottest days. However, no one could have suggested that in the Chinese People’s The republic with its sharply continental climate will find the same a place.

A photo from open sources

Of course, official science is credited with amazing properties. this territory with rare geological conditions. Like, between the layers peat and clay in the earth enclosed permafrost, which makes icy soil. However, ufologists are also interested an anomaly, suggest that the reason may be completely different. As you know, aliens visiting our planet have a habit affect various places, changing the temperature there, gravity, the speed of the passage of time, and so on. Quite possible, that the anomaly is also associated with the wormhole through which communication between parallel worlds is carried out.


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