In China, someone painted a lake

In China, someone painted a lakePhotos from open sources of

The so-called alien signs – “crop circles” – appear and in other places, for example, on snowy plains. But in China the other day something similar even appeared on the lake.

To the amazement of the locals, they found on April 12 in the south side of Qinghai Lake is a mysterious figure whose appearance so no one and could not explain – neither scientists nor old-timers, who also faced with this miracle of nature for the first time.

A photo from open sources

The drawing is quite large, approximately 100 meters in diameter, and it’s not clear how he appeared here, nor what it means a message from whoever it is. Assume that it was completed some jokers are problematic. According to experts, something one could try to do this with the help of aviation, let’s say using a helicopter but no aircraft in this the high mountain area has not been seen for a long time, including UFOs, if suggest that the figure was drawn by aliens. Riddle yes and only…

A photo from open sources

By the way, we say that Qinghai Lake is a high-mountain salty pond located in the same region in western China. By in size, it is considered the second similar lake in Central Asia after Issyk-Kul. Its area is about 4200 square kilometers. Spread a reservoir at an altitude of more than 3200 meters above sea level. It is also called Kukunor, since the lake occupies the central part of the plain of the same name. It is quite quiet and sparsely populated. the Middle Kingdom, who thought of leaving a “message” for earthlings, even assuming this, it is not clear …


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