In England, spontaneous happened again spontaneous combustion of a person

In England, spontaneous spontaneous combustion of man again occurred.A photo from open sources

Last Wednesday, December 27, 2017, in an English city Kingston upon Halle spontaneous spontaneous combustion of a person right on the street. It is noteworthy that two weeks earlier a similar The incident happened to a pedestrian in London.

In both cases, men calmly went about their business when they were suddenly engulfed in flames, which eventually led to their death. Many Britons fear that this will turn into a real one here. the epidemic. The worst thing is that such spontaneous combustion is completely not studied by science and occur on their own, as if by wave magic wand.

Kingston upon Hull resident Daniel Lingwood talks reporters that he accidentally saw through the window as a certain person on the opposite side of the street burned like someone invisible doused it with gasoline and set it on fire. Daniel immediately ran outside and with another passerby threw a tanned individual to the ground, after which began to roll him along the sidewalk with the aim of putting out the fire. Lingwood tried to provide the unfortunate first aid, however it was not possible to save the man. Local police officer Dave Wood reports that the victim died on the spot from incompatible with life burns.

Despite the fact that law enforcement officers refuse to recognize the presence of any supernatural phenomenon that occurred was regarded by them as an accident, and no one to look for the guilty became. It seems that the British law enforcement officers are wonderful they are aware of spontaneous combustion of a person and meet with him more often than one would suggest. After all, such abnormal incidents, probably occur not only in the streets, but also in homes. Unlikely someone will tell the general public how many fires are in buildings begins due to spontaneous spontaneous combustion located in them people. However, as a rule, pyrokinesis ends with local burning only a person without much damage to the environment the setting. And this is his additional mystery …

The identity of the deceased is not disclosed at the request of his relatives.

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