In Hungary, recorded a unique natural phenomenon – “white death”

In Hungary, recorded a unique natural phenomenon -A photo from open sources

This natural phenomenon is very rare, but it is far from this the reason seems mystically abnormal, why even received such scary name like “white death”, it just happens so fast and horrific that it seems like it just can’t to be!

Indeed, literally in the blink of an eye, warm, familiar and such safe world (see title page and subsequent photos) all of a sudden turns into some kind of icy destructive chaos. And scientists so plainly and do not know why nature suddenly “turns” the world inside out, dropping on him, as if from “nowhere”, a terrible frosty fog.

A photo from open sources

Just such a “white death” was recorded the other day in the central parts of Hungary in the small town of Pilish. Here’s how this is turning the world into something terrible witnesses:

It looks like fog like fog, when it was approaching, then no one I didn’t pay much attention to it, says one of the residents of the city, Moreover, some even enthusiastically waited for the fog to enter the city, turning it into a winter fairy tale. But the tale turned out too cruel. Air temperature instantly dropped from positive to critically minus – I really can’t even say to which marks. But it was something incredible, as if you were warm the rooms were suddenly thrown into the freezer.

A photo from open sources

If you see the approach of such a fog – run and hide in warm rooms. True, distinguish it from the usual fog is not so easy for a normal person, never confronted with this misfortune. Therefore, to predict such catastrophe – impossible (even weather forecasters are powerless here), quickly to react to it is unnatural for most people. Yes what there people, even animals, die from him, although they have intuition on imminent danger is much better developed than us…

A photo from open sources

Indeed, when such a fog descends, then the temperature air drops instantly, causing animals to die and plants, including people, if the “white death” catches them far from housing. For example, in Hungary near Piliš, where it happened, three tourists who were in the tent …

A photo from open sources

And no one, not even scientists, could foresee this deadly fog, as its mystical nature and mysterious cannot explain instant invasion …

A photo from open sources


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