In Indonesia, a jug-shaped object fell from the sky

In Indonesia, a jug-shaped object fell from the sky.Photo from open sources

Group of Indonesian researchers LAPAN (National Institute space) during the last expedition discovered an object in the form pitcher falling from the sky. There are eyewitnesses from the aborigines who have seen the fall of this item and then picking it up near the river Batang Hari, which is located in Western Sumatra.

The mysterious spherical object actually looks like a “candy” – traditional indonesian cooking utensils. True, he is significantly more massive: weighs 7.4 kilograms, and its diameter reaches 110 centimeters.

There are no markings on the mysterious vase, so with at a glance to determine what it is and to whom it belongs, not seems possible. Scientists plan to scan the subject and identify the material from which it is made. Perhaps it reveals the secret of the “cosmic” vase, although, as they say researchers, to understand why a jug fell from the sky will be very difficult, most likely impossible.

Local residents are against such an approach to the “heavenly gift”, they believe that it must be destroyed. Most of them regrets that the mysterious candy fell into the hands of scientists. From this one can conclude that such cosmic “gifts” can It’s far more common for Aboriginal people anywhere in the world than we think. Presumably, superstitious inhabitants destroy them or turn them into objects of religious worship, but certainly not carried by scientists. Therefore, researchers at the National Space Institute of Zealand just lucky in this case …

A photo from open sources

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