In Indonesia, a woman gave birth to a lizard

In Indonesia, a woman gave birth to a lizardA photo open source The woman who gave birth to the lizard, local residents accused of witchcraft and almost lynched. Investigation was started after a midwife taking birth with a daby nubatonis (Debi Nubatonis), instead of a baby, she saw a lizard. Daby nubatonis gave birth at 31, after eight months of pregnancy and now Indonesian authorities dispatch a commission to establish reasons and clarification of all the circumstances of the strange incident. Scientists included in the commission say that a woman cannot give birth to a lizard, but doctors at a local hospital claim it really happened and now we need to find out and come up with everything logical explanation of what happened. Abnormal birth occurred in May in the remote village of Oenunto, where the midwife claims to be went to take birth with a local woman who didn’t have time to get to the hospital and in the end she took delivery, but not a child appeared, but a pangolin. Photos from open sources Accusations of women in childbirth in witchcraft led threats to women and her family by local residents. To reassure the public, the chief physician of the city Kupang, Dr. Messe Ataupa, told residents that the team of specialists was sent for investigation. Although a lot of time has passed, but they still have not submitted their final report. how Commission members say they are “exploring some possibilities.” Dr. Ataupa assures: “It’s absolutely obvious that it’s nonsense to suggest that the woman gave birth to a lizard. Birth of a fetus from different kinds of impossible. “” We talked with the locals who confirmed that the woman showed all signs of pregnancy. All indicated that she really bears the fruit of what they say and residents and members of her family. Maybe it was a “false pregnancy”, and she herself stuck a lizard inside herself, or maybe she fell during agricultural work and a lizard accidentally fell into it, and she herself about I did not suspect this and considered that inside her stomach she was moving child, “Dr. Ataupa is trying to explain what happened. As if it was not there, but the midwife taking birth assures that the patient the waters withdrew and there were contractions, only then the midwife nearly lost reason, when a tail appeared from a woman in labor and a lizard was born. Josephine midwife Lydia Hellen filed a report and continues to argue that the woman in whom she took birth was not born baby and a lizard.


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