In Italy photographed a mysterious heavenly anomaly

In Italy photographed a mysterious celestial anomalyA photo from open sources

A striking photo with translucent glowing green color anomaly received a surveillance camera mounted on the roof one of the houses in the Italian commune of Malcesine. In the upper left the corner of the picture shows a long cone-shaped object, casting in different directions an amazing bright green glow in the form of circles with an inscribed rhombus. Some users The World Wide Web has already nicknamed this miracle “heavenly jellyfish.”

The picture was taken by a local tourist the company that installed the webcam opposite Lake Garda, near which is the resort town of Limone sul Garda. Mysterious The photo was taken on April 3 at about half past ten in the evening. The Italian clarifies that he uses a recording device to automatic photographing of the evening landscape every 10 minutes. The exposure time is 15 seconds.

A photo from open sources

In addition to an unexplained greenish anomaly, on the left side The image also shows a band of bright dots. Presumably, she left a plane with a flashing light light. However, according to some, the camera’s exposure time commentators on the web, not big enough to capture so much long way airplane in one photo. Maybe it was a “flying plate “that threw such a strange glow into the air?

The camera owner also hinted at aliens by writing in social network following: “I am very curious what it is. Can anyone explain? My girlfriend saw in 2008 over our lake is a huge unidentified object that moved around the sky as if it was controlled, although it was some fantastic phenomenon. I will be infinitely grateful for any information to clarify the matter. ”

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