In Japan, found an amazing “extraterrestrial” plant

In Japan, the amazing is found.Photo from open sources

Experts in botany discovered in the Japanese islands a plant with very unusual characteristics. This amazing the body never carries out photosynthesis and does not bloom, although photosynthesis and flowering are considered the two main signs of the earth vegetation. From here, scientists concluded that the previously unknown science, a plant could well exist on some other the planet.

It’s no secret that some plants on Earth really lost the ability to photosynthesis during evolution. IN due to the fact that such organisms cannot independently produce nutrients themselves, they have to parasitize on others plants and sometimes even on mushrooms. As an example, you can bring everyone the famous orchid, which, growing in tropical forests, forcing other organisms to supply themselves with mineral compounds and valuable compounds. But, despite this, any orchid is everything able to bloom.

A photo from open sources

And here is a unique plant, first found recently on the small island of Kuroshima in the Land of the Rising Sun and dubbed Gastrodia kuroshimensis, not only not converts light energy into nutrients but not able to bloom. There may simply be no other such plants in the world. Therefore, the discoverers of the amazing organism and reported that he it reminds them very much of a plant that came to us from another planet.

As for the reproduction of such “aliens”, then it occurs exclusively self-fertilization. Experts say that so non-standard properties make this organism extremely important object to study. Why evolution has dealt with a plant similarly, endowing him with such a genetic burden? Or maybe Is this actually an alien view of life? ..

A photo from open sources

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