In Mexico, a fish falls from the sky

In Mexico, a fish falls from the skyPhotos from open sources of

News agencies report that northern Mexico has passed rain, during which a fish suddenly fell from the sky. Media lead photos of this amazing natural phenomenon. And on these photo people really collect fish on the streets, which literally strewn roads and sidewalks.

Similar cases when frogs, fish, pieces of ice and so on are not so rare. Sometimes heaven gives even inexplicable things, so recently it was raining on the island of Bali from dead birds. All this strange and inexplicable is observed by people. for a long time, at least two centuries. Scientists explain such cases are very simple, they say, a fish was sucked into the ocean by a tornado, and then carried this “catch” for many kilometers, dropped it today on the same Mexico

However, the ufologist and conspiracy theorist Charles Fort, who has long researched similar mysteries of nature and who wrote about this a lot of interesting books, for example, “101 Forgotten Miracles,” argues that tornadoes are many which raises into the air, but then falls to the ground for some reason absolutely strange things, say, huge blocks of ice, which nowhere to come in the clear sky. There are also things that scientists cannot interpret, not to explain where they come from took in the air. For example, in the book of the tireless researcher examples are given when in the nineteenth century rained down from heaven modern plastic bags and microchips. All this it’s documented, but so far no one has really explained that this and how could this happen? ..

And then … just a fish from the sky. Already her fall, scientists have long explained. But is this really happening? ..

Mexico Fish

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