In Mexico, a nine-year-old girl gave birth child

A photo from open sources

In Mexico, a nine-year-old girl became a mother, making healthy baby during the full gestational age of 40 weeks. About it said the director of the hospital in the city of Zapopan (Jalisco) Enrique Rabago Solorio According to him, childbirth with caesarean surgery cross sections took place at the end of January. Young mother whose last name not called, already discharged from the hospital with a newborn daughter. Both feeling good. According to the director, the girl in the medical institution brought her family. Messages about her pregnancy aroused in hospital shock, since there had never before encountered cases childbirth at such a young age. According to the Mexican media, the baby normal parameters for a newborn baby – it weighs 2.7 kilogram, its growth is 50 centimeters. Meanwhile, to investigation into the circumstances of this case have already connected law enforcement agencies. According to the prosecutor’s office of Jalisco, the speech can go about rape and sexual harassment by in relation to the minor. The child’s father could be a 17-year-old a young man whose searches are now actively conducted by the police.


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