In Mexico, the statue of Jesus Christ revealed eyes

In Mexico, a statue of Jesus Christ opened his eyesPhoto from open sources

In Mexico, in one of the chapels (Santo Cristo de la Capilla – state Coahuila de Zaragoza), a random parishioner who decided to stay incognito, videotaped a statue of Jesus Christ without noticing anything at the same time special, although soon this record was recognized a real miracle.

The thing is, when the Mexican is already home the next day examined the footage shot in the chapel, he noticed that the statue Jesus opens his eyes for a few seconds. The entry was made in June of this year and just the other day posted on the Mexican portal paranormal phenomena Creator of the portal Ivan Escamilla (Ivan Escamilla) did not immediately post interesting, however very controversial material, because I decided to make sure of it authenticity. To do this, he invited an expert group to which special effects specialists who know almost everything computer programs used for this purpose, sculptors, designers and even priests.

A photo from open sources

None of the professionals found traces of video editing on the video or processing in any program – the record is clean. And yet less, it is really imprinted on it, like a statue of several seconds abides with open eyes – just some kind of miracle!

Ivan Escamilla wrote in a video comment that he never considered himself a religious person, but this video is something turned over in his soul, made him take a different look at religion and in in particular, on Christianity.

What is surprising in this story is that the clergy themselves the chapels of Santo Cristo de la Capilla showed no video of the least interest, they, according to Ivan Escamill, are not even wanted to see her, not that at least somehow to comment.

But on the web, a video of an unknown parishioner became quite popular, it was watched over the week by several million people. Mostly people believe that this is possible, in this world not everything is so unequivocally financially, they say, as it seems to us. However there were also skeptics (and what without them?), which, apparently, never will survive in itself the limitations ridiculed by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov at the beginning of the last century – this cannot be, because not maybe never …

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