In Ohio, weird shots and sky explosions

In Ohio, weird shots and sky explosions were recorded.A photo from open sources

Worried residents over the past few weeks the town of anderson in ohio hear over their village loud explosions and see bright flashes. The Americans quickly determined that all this has nothing to do with a thunderstorm, fireworks or meteorite falls. And the sounds are different, and the flashes are completely different. Many the townspeople are scared and seriously afraid of various hypothetical catastrophes like alien invasions or “evil Russians,” as well use of climate weapons.

It all started on April 21 when Anderson residents told police about mysterious flashes in the sky, accompanied by noise. May 12th, all repeated. Steve Hart, whose surveillance cameras recorded this abnormal phenomenon (see the video below), says that he and his family are very scared of what is happening. Law enforcement officers are inactive and in no hurry to search potential source of threat. Some townspeople even started seriously assume that this is a conspiracy, and the guardians of the law cover government officials who decide to arrange here an experiment on ordinary people.

Otherwise, it’s just hard to explain, because heavenly explosions do not police officers themselves, local officials may not hear. From what such incomprehensible “indifference” to what is happening on their part? ..

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