In parallel worlds, things can be different

In parallel worlds, things can be different.Photos from open sources of

Once we wrote about how to our world in the nineties of the past centuries, a woman named Irina, who is in the store Voronezh gave sellers already canceled Soviet money and led others, in the opinion of others, are very inadequate. A little later in the police she will present a Soviet passport issued to her in 1993 Voronezh police department of the USSR, and declares to the surprised guardians of order that The Soviet Union did not fall apart, but, on the contrary, after a referendum preserved and is now experiencing unprecedented in the history of Russia economic growth.

What happened next with this Irina is unknown. As a rule, such people just disappear after a while, like a “programmer from above “suddenly notices an error in the work of the program he created and corrects her. But such errors happen quite often, and although official science doesn’t even try to figure it out, independent researchers have long been talking about parallel worlds, where events can unfold quite differently than in ours reality.

In support of this opinion, we give the story of one of modern writers, who asked not to be named (by known reason), and therefore we will call it simply Boris

In a parallel world, Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol wrote where more books

Boris in his youth lived in the usual district center of the USSR, went to the middle school and loved to read, but because the city library for him was like a native home. As a teenager, for example, he is already good knew Gogol and admired his works. Once in the library the young man saw on a shelf among the books written by Gogol, very fat and a beautiful tome. He picked up the heavy book, flipped through it and just I was amazed how much Nikolai Vasilievich wrote different stories and stories about which Boris had no idea, for example, he remembered from there the romantic name of one of the short stories – “Burnt by the morning candle.”

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Boris would certainly have taken this tome to read, but, as luck would have it, the librarian has already recorded to him previously selected and strictly laid four books in number (here the writer makes a reservation that today does not remember how many books were supposed to be taken in the library of the USSR, maybe even just three). Boris, remembering well where and on which Gogol’s folio, interested in him, stands, decided that nowhere he will not run away from him. However, he hastened to read the taken books and with some amazing excitement again went to the library.

But … on the shelf where the books of Nikolai Vasilievich were exhibited, it wasn’t fat and beautiful, apparently, someone had already taken it to read. This upset the young man, but not very much. Since then he became every time to look for that amazing folio, but could not find. In the end, the teenager turned to the librarian, rather than surprised the woman. She assured Boris that they never had such a book. was not, and even more so, Gogol does not have a work entitled “Burnt by the morning candle.” He must have beguiled something …

As Boris says today, he still regrets that in that time (when he was holding a tome in his hands) not only did not insist rewrite a book for him instead of the ones already selected, but did not even read it (although would be a little), which was the story in the “Burning Candle”, and in other stories and stories unfamiliar to him. the most amazing is that the writer bitterly grins that by then he has already re-read all of Gogol (with the possible exception of Dead Souls), I was delighted then in the library, which, it turns out, is not everything, but somehow didn’t seize on a brief guess: it’s strange why before he never heard of other works by Nikolai Vasilievich and never met them. Apparently, just a cruel joke with him played a solid tome that easily “pulled” on not yet known to the boy works of the great Russian writer of the XIX century …

Indeed, I would like to read not written in our world books of Nikolai Vasilievich, and not only him, but, say, not killed in duels of Alexander Pushkin and Mikhail Lermontov, poetry and prose are not departed prematurely from the life of Sergei Yesenin, and so on. A because, apparently, somewhere all this literary wealth exists, do you think? ..

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