In Rostov-on-Don mysteriously glows land

In Rostov-on-Don, the earth mysteriously shinesA photo from open sources

Residents of the Suvorovsky microdistrict in Rostov-on-Don are the last a few nights witness a strange phenomenon. In one from the local pits at the construction site after sunset dirt begins to glow. As soon as dusk begins to thicken, the liquid earth in the pit begins to emit an unnatural glow. A resident of a five-story building nearby captured this anomaly on the video – you can see it below.

Some Runet users say that everything is to blame for the radioactive substances unknown in the pit. According to others, all this is pure mysticism: maybe in this place once there was a cemetery. Still others are sure that the dirt in the pit just reflects the rays from nearby structures.

Rostovites claim in response that all these theories do not stand critics. Firstly, the “mystical” glow is visible from any angle, not just one (from which the video was shot). On radioactivity dirt, however, was not checked, but a place for construction It was selected and thoroughly prepared by specialists. And the cemeteries never been here. And even if it turned out to be an ancient burial place, then the remains of people would be discovered when digging a pit, which is also not it turned out. In general, the riddle …

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