In South Africa, a boy is marked with a birthmark – a number twelve

In South Africa, the boy is marked with a birthmark - the number twelveA photo from open sources

Unusual child with a sign on his forehead – number 12 – born 11 last November in the South African Republic. Boy is growing healthy and without any mental disabilities, that’s just the parents he cares about this strange birthmark.

Relatives of Hanru van Niekerka even say that this unusual baby was born a day ahead of schedule, marked on his forehead, and this is not good.

At the same time, doctors assure parents that such birthmarks are a common occurrence, and even that in this particular case as as if a certain figure is being drawn, about nothing serious is talking. But what’s remarkable, according to many religious and mystical teachings (this is also confirmed by the practice of our lives) – Accidents in this world simply do not happen. This is exactly what cares about the boy’s relatives and parents.

The only thing that calms them down is that the number 12 in all great teachings and religions is a good symbol. For example, Jesus Christ was just the twelve apostles, the famous star of David had twelve corners, the majestic temple of Solomon – shared certainly in twelve parts, and so on. And so kind do not count matches. Maybe this boy named Hanru van Niekerk is destined for a good and great mission in this world. Maybe, is it an indigo child, or even more – the messiah? Remember this name…

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