In South America, something strange is happening with the clouds

Something strange is happening with clouds in South America.A photo from open sources

Residents of a small town in Brazil yesterday watched fantastic fantastic heavenly phenomenon: in a cloudless sky suddenly a huge orange cloud appeared, which literally sense forced to look up all who were at that time outside.

The fairytale cloud mesmerized and scared at the same time seemed that something terrible and irreparable is about to happen. However, the cloud only surprised the Brazilians and also mysteriously melted, as it appeared, as if someone had painted it in the sky, and then erased.

What was it, no one knows, even the experienced meteorologists. Someone thinks it’s somehow connected with meteorites, who is with the aliens. The most believable version seems to people, that it’s just a dust tornado, a cloud of orange dust, raised in a nearby desert.

But here’s what worries: on August 15, something similar was observed in neighboring country – Argentina, however, the recording in that case was conducted in dark time of day and therefore the color of the stream falling to the ground it’s not clear what to determine, but something similar in these there are phenomena. And, according to independent researchers, on dust raised these two natural phenomena are not very similar, rather some kind of warning that the inhabitants of South America are given heaven.

If in the near future something like the third happens here times, then we can talk about signs from above, for example, about disaster is approaching, while people are at a loss – what kind of fiction is this?


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