In St. Petersburg “treacherous” bridge continues to produce the victims

In Petersburg A photo from open sources

Some places are said to be cursed, for example, there are roads of death that constantly “collect tribute” in the form of victims car crashes. But in St. Petersburg on the Lensovetovskaya road there is such a bridge.

The bridge itself is noteworthy: it is very low, and therefore under it is impossible to drive freight transport, which warns road sign indicating a height of 2 meters. However, this is somehow does not stop drivers of heavy vehicles. And therefore soon next to the warning road sign appeared a huge a sign that is simply impossible not to notice – “Danger! Low bridge! Gazelle will not pass. “Despite this, from the beginning of autumn here at least fifteen Gazelles have already crashed, and another The accident happened just the other day (see photo).

A photo from open sources

But not only “shallow gazelles”, under a low bridge try slip through and the “larger catfish”, that is, even more solid trucks and even got one bus. What drives drivers to this crazy step is not clear, because, as it turns out, into a stupid the accident here is experienced drivers who, for example, can spend the most difficult parking, and without any parking cameras and tracking detectors. And here – on you, as if who is blindfolded …

As the traffic police say when you are talking to another affected, there is a feeling that the driver was out of his mind, because he himself does not understand how this could happen. Verily insidious bridge, some damned place that already researchers of paranormalism became interested. But here is what interestingly, they do not find a single clue (mystical reasons) for the occurrence of such accidents. Until they find …

Drivers Bridges

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