In Switzerland, the camera recorded strange flashes in the night sky

In Switzerland, the camera recorded strange flashes in the night sky.A photo from open sources

In the small town of Spitz Switzerland on May 27 this year, the camera SkyWatch’s observations recorded strange flashes in the night sky. Video with this anomaly, which soon appeared on the Internet, attracted the attention of many users of YouTube video hosting.

Photorecorder (see video below) with a specific the regularity of the frames captures that ordinary night sky over the city, then amazing flashes on it that color the sky in blue, purple, pale gray.

For a moment, heavenly fire turns out to be so bright, which turns almost night into day.

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is lightning. However not just any thunderstorm, even light rain that night in the city Spitz was not. Meteorite theory is also not It was confirmed: astronomers categorically rejected this assumption. Then – what was it?

Ufologists, of course, immediately mounted their horse, linking all these mysterious outbreaks with the activity of aliens. Prove how and to refute, it is very difficult, because scientists have not found the cause of strange night outbreaks in Switzerland.

Conspirologists, in turn, immediately predicted that the true the reason will not be found:

  • firstly, if it is really connected with the aliens, then here pundits are simply powerless;
  • secondly, if these are “jokes” of the military, then the latter will force shut up meticulous researchers and even journalists;
  • and finally, if this is some kind of natural phenomenon, rare and unique, then who will tell us about how it is born over our Earth and what carries for its inhabitants, for us you, in particular? ..

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