In Taimyr discovered a mysterious hundred-meter pit

Taimyr geologists, ecologists, seismologists, local historians argue about the origin of the giant – up to 100 meters deep – funnels, discovered in the tundra. The most amazing thing about her existence nothing was known before, although it is located near the village reindeer herders.

In Taimyr, they are preparing to study the mysterious funnel, which quite by chance discovered local reindeer herders – residents of the northern the village of Nosok. Funnel is a cone perfectly correct forms. Its depth is estimated at 60-100 meters, the diameter exceeds 4 meter. There are several versions about the origin of the funnel, but neither one has not yet found final confirmation. Moreover, about her no one knew before, although it is nearby the village.

In Taimyr discovered a mysterious hundred-meter pitA photo from open sources

A photo from open sources

Reindeer herders found a funnel during an argysh (nomad) – hardly into it did not fail. And when they took a breath, they took photos from which and the study of an amazing phenomenon began.

– In our village, it’s not that no one knows or guesses about the origin of this funnel (it would be interesting for ourselves), but moreover – Until now, no one had noticed her. We have no idea exactly when she appeared. They found her: one of our reindeer herders in winter, under the snow, I did not notice and almost fell into it. How is she looks like in summer, we don’t even know. It would be nice if in the summer experts arrived and looked at what it was. Snejana Tesedo, and about. the head of the administration of the village of Nosok

Photos were sent to the Norilsk Explorers Club Taimyr. However, experts – geologists, ecologists, local historians – never came to a consensus about the origin of the funnel. Doesn’t look like it the work of human hands, but also among natural formations like not. However, while only a visual inspection of it was possible – winter is The north lasts a long time. In summer and autumn, the study of the funnel will continue and will, of course, be more thorough.

– People often bring something to our Taimyr Researchers Club unusual: amazing photos, videos, artifacts. So happened and this time. First of all, to determine the origin funnels, we turned to our geologists. Their verdict is hardly her was formed by the exit of any rocks, it hurts her the correct form. On the other hand, the fact that it was created by man, also doesn’t look like: at least some traces of work should have remained heavy equipment, because the depth of the funnel is 60 meters and the diameter not less than 4. But there are no traces of these. To ufologists and esotericists we they didn’t turn themselves. Interesting, by the way, phrase said by our acquaintance geologist from Murmansk: “Versii I don’t have the origin of the funnel, but it’s absolutely certain that it doesn’t natural, but not the work of human hands. ”

Larisa Stryuchkova, employee of the Joint Directorate of Reserves Taimyr, organizer of the Taimyr Researchers Club

According to other experts, a funnel could be formed a powerful exit of gas to the surface. In the land of places where it happened something similar, a little, but they are. However, as they themselves admit experts, and these territories are practically not studied.

– The correct shape of the cone may indicate that the cause funnel formation has become a powerful gas release. Moreover, we are talking about a site located on the territory of the Yenisei-Khatanga trough, where a large number of gas and oil fields were discovered. So that my version is a movement in the bowels and a breakthrough of gas. But even if it is so, this funnel is in any case a unique phenomenon. On the today in the literature several similar formations are described – in Ryazan, Kursk regions, in the Urals. However their nature so far no one has been able to determine with accuracy. IN In any case, the study of the funnel must be continued: to explore the rocks that were thrown up, especially as the deepening is huge. In the end, it will be possible to say whether it was a gas surge or something else. Gennady Legezin, Lead Specialist of Norilskgeologia LLC, category I geologist

Note that the funnels in the Ryazan region, the origin which are also commonly attributed to gas output, have a small compared with the Taimyr depth – only 4 meters. But their diameter reaches 15-28 meters. Their appearance was accompanied by a powerful explosion, which the inhabitants of several settlements could not miss points, clods of land at the same time swept up to a distance of 250 meters. You can’t say all about the funnel found near Sock, so it’s too early to equate these phenomena.

The study of the funnel will continue in the summer. It is assumed that participants in the expedition will be not only geologists, but also seismologists. They have to explore not only the failure itself, but also the territory around him to confirm or refute the hypothesis of the origin of the funnel as a result of seismic impact.

Vitaliy Yarovoy. Process engineer

– A curious phenomenon .. Obviously, a funnel is not a thing human hands, otherwise there were any traces of its creation, and indeed locals would be more aware of it. Most likely it some kind of natural anomaly, but that’s what caused it – a big question…

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