In the Arkhangelsk region, scientists found mysterious holes in the ground

In the Arkhangelsk region, scientists have found mysterious holes in the groundA photo from open sources

Hard-to-reach scientists examining aerial photographs areas of the Arkhangelsk region occupied by Evenki taiga and swamps, to their amazement found on the surface of the earth mysterious holes that are clearly geometric structure.

A photo from open sources

This is clearly not a natural phenomenon, which alerted the participants of this scientific expedition. First, the holes are clearly man-made, secondly, they have never been seen here before, and therefore some researchers have suggested that these are traces of UFOs or some other alien activity. Here’s what you can read in scientists report:

All openings on the territory of Pinezhsky district Arkhangelsk region are similar to each other, they can be traced clear geometric order, especially if you look at these strange indentations in satellite photographs (coordinates 63 ° 46′N 44 ° 34′E). The diameter of each hole is approximately eight to nine meters. What is this is not yet clear, because one by one photographs cannot be made any specific scientific conclusion.

A photo from open sources

But if scientists, as a rule, sway for a long time, besides rely on state subsidies for their research, then enthusiasts from “Arkhangelsk-Cosmopoisk” went to the mysterious holes literally the day after they are discovered with air. Here is what one of the volunteers writes expeditions:

When we got to these fantastic holes in earth, they found that most of them are already covered in moss. The area is swampy, swamps are everywhere, so come closer to the mysterious recesses in the earth were simply impossible. Surprised us that only around these abnormal holes do birches grow – and nowhere else. However, judging by them, it is safe to say that these holes appeared here many years ago.

A photo from open sources

Ufologists examining a strange anomaly of the Arkhangelsk region with using satellite imagery, found two kilometers from mysterious geometrically correct recesses in the earth some more fantastic structures. What is it? As independent researchers, this impassable marshy area is selected aliens for some of their purposes, for us completely incomprehensible. Hence all these anomalies …

A photo from open sources

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