In the black dragon eggs the secret of renewal of life

In the black dragon eggs, the secret to prolonging lifePhoto from open sources

The Japanese are known to be the largest in the world life expectancy. What is the secret of this, really does not know no one. But here’s what is interesting, in the Land of the Rising Sun there is Owakudani Valley (Owakudani), which is famous for black eggs dragon, each of which is able to extend human life by seven years. Maybe this is the whole secret? ..

A photo from open sources

Of course, tens of thousands come to the Ovakudani Valley every year. people from all over the world, but only the Japanese (all without exception) can use magic eggs easily and freely, without spending on it is a lot of money and a lot of time that requires a trip to another country.

Owakudani Valley is actually the crater of a volcano that for more than three thousand years. And coal black dragon eggs, which, supposedly prolonging life – in reality ordinary chicken, only hard-boiled in hot springs (small lakes, very foul smelling foul eggs because of the allocated hydrogen sulfide) formed by an active volcano.

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There are special bathtubs for cooking chicken eggs, which, after you clear them of the black shell, for nothing look and taste do not differ from those that you cook at home on the kitchen. But, according to legend, each such egg extends life people for seven years, and therefore, having been in the Ovakudani Valley, people try to buy and eat at least two dragon eggs.

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Unfortunately, this year was unsuccessful for those who planned visit the Owakudani Valley and taste the magic eggs, that is extend your life. The fact is that the crater of the volcano on indefinitely was closed to tourists, since the volcano itself lately has been showing increased activity. Visit hot springs of the valley in this case became dangerous: there is no only to extend, to lose having a life is easy. However all who hopes to live long thanks to the dragon eggs of the Ovakudani Valley, they hope that the activity of the volcano will not last too long, and the cherished place will again be open to the public.

A photo from open sources

Obviously, this will be so, since not only are interested in this tourists from other countries, but also the Japanese themselves. Firstly, the magic Judging by everything (and even by their longevity), they need eggs themselves, and secondly, Owakudani Valley is a good travel business for Countries of the Rising Sun. And last, it seems, the most important thing in this mysterious story. Although, who knows, our world is full amazing puzzles that lie outside the material plane our understanding …

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