In the Brazilian jungle unexpectedly showed up dead whale

A dead whale suddenly appeared in the Brazilian jungle.A photo from open sources

February 22 in the jungle of the Brazilian island of Marajo, for many kilometers from the nearest coast made quite unexpected and amazing find. Dead humpback whale over 11 meters long lying among the trees, with traces of being dragged or driven into the forest, completely absent.

A rather fantastic assumption is made that A 30-ton carcass was brought here by a powerful wind, however similar theory, of course, does not stand up to criticism at all. At least for the reason that no hurricanes on the island recently was happening.

A photo from open sources

World Wide Web users hypothesize regarding the reasons for what happened. Some people think that the whale is somehow teleported into the jungle. According to others, he was abducted out of the water and the aliens threw here. Still others believe that the animal itself has traveled such a great distance, however, no one knows how he succeeded. Naturally, the locals have this the event causes mystical fear, since they cannot explain this phenomenon – even with a religious or some kind of everyday points of view, since they have never encountered anything like that and did not hear about such a miracle from their ancestors.

A photo from open sources

Representatives of the local nature conservation department only shrug. Specialists cannot explain why the giant, living in the ocean, suddenly found himself so far from its natural habitat. Biologists intend to perform an autopsy to establish the cause of death of the mammal. Although hopes to find out the truth, and in this case, as they say, the cat cried …

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