In the English field found a whale

A whale was found in the English fieldPhotos from open sources of

On a field in the English village of Skeffling, almost a kilometer from of the sea, the corpse of a young female save was discovered. Dead whale ten meters calmly lying on the grass, while around him not any traces of transportation were found.

It seems that the sea animal is either just teleported here, or was thrown to the ground from a certain aircraft. The second theory, by the way, does not withstand critics, because in that case the animal would have crashed. However Arriving experts found that the save was suffocating when rolled over on his back, and his breathing was covered with earth. So Thus, experts determined that the whale was still alive when it ended up in This field creates even more questions.

A photo from open sources

Examiners from the British Zoological Society dead animal, managed to put forward only one hypothesis: the female Saiva allegedly washed ashore a decent wave. Nonetheless, locals question scientists’ words, arguing that such waves have never been and could not be. It turns out experts unable to give an accurate explanation of the incident.

British ufologists believe that everything was probably to blame representatives of extraterrestrial civilization who took the whale to their ship to examine it, and then for some reason returned the mammal is not in its native element, but neatly lowered onto the ground. Researchers say aliens are constantly abducting various terrestrial animals, studying them and conducting experiments on them. Aliens bring back some experimental animals, the other is not. This whale, apparently, was only lucky half.

It is worth noting that a few months ago in the same part English county East Riding of Yorkshire was discovered dead dolphin. And a year earlier, the finwal – a whale from another family of minke whales. So the theory with aliens looks the most convincing.

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