In the English village mysteriously disappear cats

Cats disappear mysteriously in the English countrysideA photo from open sources

In the bucolic village of Burfam in the south of England became mystically fade cats. Locals alarmed by their loss pets, fear the worst, building in your mind the most creepy assumptions, and therefore even refuse to release tetrapods friends on the street. However, even this does not always help. Some members of the cat family literally dissolve in air, completely disappearing straight from their homes.

Law enforcement authorities investigating these disappearances are only shaking shoulders. Nothing indicates that mustachioed pets are kidnapped. some ill-wishers or maniacs. The most amazing thing is that most missing cats had special microchips, allowing to determine their location at any time, however Now this electronics does not give a signal – well, at least one chip proved himself … Even specially trained dogs were powerless in such a situation – taking a trail, any bloodhound soon hopelessly loses he only twists his head in bewilderment, looking guiltyly into his eyes to the cynologist.

It is noteworthy that a similar misfortune befell last year residents of the Austrian city of Frauenkirchen. Some of the disappeared there cats were soon found with traces of injuries, but most missing pets never returned to their owners. Some experts even suggested that animals could be abducted aliens. Aliens are known to be interested in many species, living on Earth, and cats may well be something interesting.

However, there is even a theory that cats are themselves unearthly creatures, being the vehicles of an alien mind. It seems that the fantastic disappearance purr indirectly confirms this …


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