In the Finnish lake formed “ice noodles”

A rare natural phenomenon has been seen on a lake near Hämeenlinna, reports the broadcasting company Yle.

In the Finnish lake formedA photo from open sources

On the afternoon of January 8, Vesa Kaloynen, who lives by Lake Suoliyarvi, melted a sauna on the shore. Suddenly he noticed strange water formations similar to noodles or cotton fiber. On the boat he swam to the “noodles”, began scooping her up with his hands and even dazzled from it snowball.

The discoverer himself believes that snow falling to the surface Lake, under the power of water and wind, got an unusual shape. Interviewed Yle news service meteorologist and hydrologist said that for the first time encounter a similar phenomenon, but suggested that the author shots are right in their guesses.

Vesa told Finnish television channel MTV that on that day the air temperature was close to zero, about 2 cm of snow fell, and then it began to rain.

Water Snow

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