In the forests of Amazonia found huge drawings on the earth

In the forests of Amazonia found huge drawings on earthPhoto from open sources

In the rain forests of Amazonia, several hundred striking geoglyphs – patterns of large sizes.

Perfectly even drawings were found in the territory, which recently cut down. This, according to scientists, refutes the popular the opinion that the Amazonian jungle was allegedly never before populated by local tribes. Interestingly, similar geoglyphs are part of the famous Stonehenge in England.

A photo from open sources

Ancient structures hid for many centuries in the forests of Acre on northwestern Brazil until giant companies got here woodworking industry. Cost Orbiting Satellites to take new pictures of this area after deforestation, as experts immediately noticed unusual patterns on the ground. It’s that rare case where deforestation of a portion of the planet has helped science and even in To some extent, scientists were pleased.

The number of geoglyphs is at least 450. They are relatively evenly scattered across the territory of the felled jungle area almost 14 thousand square kilometers. Largest diameter geoglyphs reaches 300 meters. According to experts, the approximate age of these finds is from 1.4 to 2.3 thousand years.

A photo from open sources

Researchers can only guess the purpose of these mysterious drawings on earth. All patterns are formed earthen. moats, but their shape, depth and structure indicate that they are hardly were defensive structures or appeared in the result of primitive agricultural work.

Extraterrestrial Origin Version

It is noteworthy that no geoglyphs were found near one man-made artifact. Archaeologists tried in vain find at least something resembling human activity in this terrain. The only scientific explanation for this is the version according to which the ancient inhabitants deliberately left these buildings free from traces of their stay. Maybe it was they need to perform certain rituals that we are talking about today we know absolutely nothing.

A photo from open sources

Ufologists believe that all these mysterious structures were created by representatives of extraterrestrial civilization. And in their judgments UFO researchers are also guided by proven scientific information. The fact is that impenetrable forests grew here and one, and two, and three thousand years ago. I wonder how savages could create such masterpieces without touching the trees? ..

Russian ufologists as a parallel to such activities aliens in the completely undeveloped territory of the earth lead An example of a fantastic layout of Yakutia, which is clearly consciously drawn by some mysterious glades stretching along this a deserted land for hundreds of kilometers, creating (when viewed from aerial view) a kind of grid on our planet. Moreover these clearings do not overgrow with the forest, as if someone is still behind them caring, supporting and investing huge amounts of money in this nobody (not a single state, including Russia) needs marking the earth …

Geoglyphs Russia

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