In the Indian Valley of Shadows in a mysterious way people disappear

People in the Indian Valley of Shadows mysteriously disappearA photo from open sources

There are many mysterious places in the world where they inexplicably disappear people; such, for example, is the Headless Valley in Northern Canada. Today we will talk about another mysterious corner of the earth – Valley of Shadows (Valley of the Gods), which is lost in the depths of the Himalayas (Indian state with the interesting name Himachal Pradesh – “Snowy province”). In the very north of this state and is located little explored site called Kullu (Kulanthapita).

The word “kulanthapita” is translated into Russian as “end inhabited world “, and therefore the valley since ancient times is considered the abode gods, the entrance to which is ordered by mere mortals. According to legend, it is here for over a thousand years the god Shiva has been meditating.

Logical nightly attacks explanation

Despite such a “reserve”, the Valley of the Gods invariably attracted human attention: someone was looking here the legendary Shambhala, someone tried to reach on this sacred land nirvana, someone just attracted the harsh beauty of these places.

Adventurers who come here are not only mysteriously and disappear without a trace. Some are attacked nightly unknown, and the “gangsters” clearly lacked intent rob tourists – just kill or beat well, which too seems pretty weird. To such an attack in 2000 was subjected to the british family of Martin Young: he, his wife and their The 14-year-old son was severely beaten by people who came from the dark and at the same time, they didn’t take half their bread from their victims, as they say.

A photo from open sources

In all such cases, the police tried to find the attackers, but her efforts were in vain.

Traces of disappearances

Even more incomprehensible are the traceless disappearances of people, and such There are already several dozen cases. For example, in 1996 in the Valley of Shadows a twenty-year-old student from Bristol disappeared Ian Mogfort University. When friends began to look for him, then not even found entries in the registration book of a local hotel, where Ian stopped, immediately reporting this to his comrades.

A photo from open sources

In the same year, an Italian disappeared from a rented house. Alexandra Verdi is 32 years old. True, a little later her body was found on the bank of the local river, that’s just why the woman died, the doctors failed to find out, although they noted that in the eyes of the unfortunate froze expression of horror.

In 1997, a student from Canada Ardavan disappeared in the Valley of Shadows Taherzadeh, in 1999 – the son of the world famous Dutch banker Maarten de Bruyne, whose searches were organized on top level, but did not give any results.

A photo from open sources

In 2000, a three-day trek through the Valley of the Gods carefully planned (up to minute control by friends for his movement) experienced Russian traveler Alex Ivanov. The man left – and soon disappeared from the ether. Following him here the search party with dogs, equipped according to the last word of technology, and did not find any traces, as if someone had erased Alexei from the “computer program” of our reality …

The Amazing Case of Justin Shetler

Since 2013, American Justin Shetler traveled around to the whole world and talked about his adventures on his own blog, very popular on the internet. In 2016, an adventurer arrived on a motorcycle in Himachal Pradesh and decided to go with a local sadhu (ascetic) in the Valley of the Shadows, in order to pray and meditate in one of the high mountain caves. His record of this in Adventures of Justin didn’t cause fans to worry, since Justin had not previously been careful in choosing routes and extreme adventures. This time an american promised his readers that he would return to the blog in mid-September, but never returned. He never returned at all …

A photo from open sources

The traveler was intensely searched by the police and volunteers, to them Shetler’s family joined, the sadhu was even found and arrested, with that Justin went to meditate. However, that one is nothing I could clearly say about the disappearance: the next morning, the sadhus were found dead in the cell of a local prison. Police announced what happened suicide, but whether it is true or not, no one knows for sure …


There were other, no less mysterious cases of disappearance of people in Valley of the Gods, for example, in 2015, something similar happened with Pole Bruno Muschalik. Classic scenario: a man in the last time they saw him getting on the bus, no more traces …

A photo from open sources

Researchers of this Indian phenomenon versions about why and how people disappear in the Valley of Shadows. There are quite materialistic explanations, in which, however, hard to believe; there are purely fantastic, provocative, no matter how strange, more trust. We will not dwell on either on others, because versions are one thing, and truth is another. A now nobody knows her and, as intuition suggests, will never know …

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