In the Krasnodar Territory mystically lit up dolmen

In the Krasnodar Territory dolmen mystically lit upPhoto from open sources

Amazing news came from the Abinsky district that located in the Krasnodar Territory. In the middle of the forest in the village of Shapsugskaya one of the dolmens suddenly lit up in the evening. Hole of the oldest building shone in the twilight with neon light, striking random eyewitnesses. The latter managed to capture the amazing phenomenon on camera.

The incident immediately interested domestic journalists, wishing to ascertain the nature of the alleged mysticism.

Dolmens are called both stone tombs and cult structures of ancient tribes, and even structures of aliens civilizations. In the Caucasus there are about three thousand such objects erected in the third or second millennia BC, and they are enveloped in many myths, indirectly confirmed observations of witnesses. In Novorossiysk, Gelendzhik and, in fact, The Shapsug village of dolmens is most available in the Russian Federation.

A photo from open sources

A film crew that decided to find out why it shone here dolmen, went to the forest at sunset. Local resident Natalya Musienko, who photographed an unusual glow in a stone building, willingly made up a company for reporters. It turned out that we are talking about a trough-like dolmen carved in the thickness of quartz sandstone and covered with a stove top. The weight of the structure is about thirty tons. Musienko believes that large and seemingly random dimples on the dolmen line up in a map of the starry sky and indicate the constellation Cassiopeia, however what it means is a woman not knows.

This curious story ended, alas, uninteresting. Staff The media never managed to capture something that night noteworthy. Mysterious photo of Natalia is the only one proof that something unusual happened here. By at least editing experts admitted that the picture wasn’t was processed. However, some of them suggest that it may be a glare of light in the camera lens or something like that.

Or maybe these are mysterious orbs – entities from the subtle world, which, for example, was repeatedly shot near the Adygea dolmens by the Russian Researcher Sergei Gerasimov? ..


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