In the Krasnodar Territory unexpectedly bloomed mysterious circles on the field

In the Krasnodar Territory, mysterious circles on the field suddenly bloomedA photo from open sources

In June of this year, we wrote about amazing circles, appeared in just one night on a wheat field near the village Sokolovskoye in the Gulkevichsky district of the Krasnodar Territory. Circles on fields are quite rare for Russia (this is not for you England), so the news quickly became a small sensation in Runet.

Anomaly was surprised to find the locals who hurried then turn to ufologists from Armavir. Arrived experts recorded a picture on a field of amazing size, consisting of several interconnected circles, spirals, crescents and waves. The Internet got a lot of videos phenomena obtained from a bird’s eye view using drones.

What is characteristic, the alleged “alien masterpiece” arose not far from a busy freeway and not a single passing by the driver did not notice anything unusual over the field that night. Skeptics, of course, believe that a whole team has worked here. pranksters with special equipment. But why not a single eyewitness villagers and passing motorists did not see these mysterious hoaxes? How can you make these filigree made drawings on the field in pitch darkness? Not to mention the noise that also no one heard …

In addition, it turned out that all the stems were not cut and not wrinkled machine-like, but carefully bent at a distance of several centimeters above the ground. Independent experts concluded: human this could only be achieved if extremely gently bend each stem by hand. Needless to say that here hundreds of thousands of stems were damaged in this way, and not one group of people would not be able to do this overnight.

A photo from open sources

Now, after almost five months, this mysterious story received an unexpected continuation. Cereals have long been harvested, field – plowed, but recently the locals noticed something on the field astounding.

Sokolovites did not believe their eyes when they saw on the spot former drawing of young green shoots of wheat, exactly repeating outlines of “alien art”! But how is it perhaps? Is there a peculiar memory left in the local soil embedded in it by some forces incomprehensible to us?

Domestic ufologists, struck by the incident, report that nothing like this has ever been recorded neither in Russia, nor, possibly in other parts of the world. UFO experts and “green men” intend to carefully study the phenomenon, as well as attract in his research and discussion of his foreign colleagues.


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