In the Leningrad region they filmed a huge shining ball on earth

In the Leningrad region they filmed a huge shining ball on the groundA photo from open sources

A colossal shining sphere, standing in the middle of a snowy field, Perplexed Russian motorist driving along the road not far from this place.

Unusual entry was posted on the World Wide Web by foreign ufologists from the amateur community “UFO mania”. Specialists claim that unique material was obtained in Leningradskaya region of the Russian Federation last winter, however, he fell into their hands only now, after almost six months.

The video below was shot from behind trees. the car DVR of a certain Russian who wished stay incognito. The recording shows a huge luminous ball, standing right in an empty field away from the city. The mysterious object is not only shimmers with orange and purple hues, but also as if showing some running characters and images. The driver drives further down the road to capture the sphere with better angle. Unfortunately, the recording quality is comparatively low.

The author of the video actively comments on what is happening and tells that I came across a kind of multimedia advertising stand. If take a closer look, you can really read on the ball “Bank of Russia”. However, why is this stand shaped like a giant sphere and is in the wilderness, almost on the outskirts of civilization? Where to did he go then? Has anyone seen an amazing device afterwards? Where is it located now and what functions does it perform? Nearby is a sports complex – maybe the outlandish advertising ball belongs to him?

Most likely, nothing supernatural here really not. However, the reaction of foreign Web users to such a spectacle amuses. Some online commentators say it’s tricks aliens. Others suggest that this is a “secret and terrible Russian weapons. “Still others say that” strange Russians “for some unknown reason installed in the winter field whole planetarium. Surprise the English-speaking patrons of the Internet, it turns out not so difficult.

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